The Baker's Favorites

Cupcakes and cakes are great for any occasion, but sometimes you feel like a different sweet treat!  Below we have listed some of our favorites, and there will be seasonal additions as well. 



Who doesn't love a cookie?  Whether it be with a glass of milk or alone, a cookie is the perfect treat sometimes!  We bake a variety of delicious cookies including traditional flavors like Oatmeal Raisin, Frosted Butter cookies, Chocolate chip, and peanut butter and new, exciting flavors such as Cranberry Bliss, Andes Mint, and Cherry Chocolate.  

Mini Cheesecakes

A bite sized version of the traditional cheesecake, these little treats can be made and served with a variety of toppings including blueberry topping, strawberry topping, lemon curd, caramel, salted caramel, chocolate ganache, fresh fruit, or whipped cream.


IMAG3519 (1).jpg


A delectable little candy that can be chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, or a variety of other flavors.  Pictured here is mermaid bark which is vanilla flavored with a hint of coconut.  Bark can be topped with many different chopped candies or toppings - just let us know what your favorite are!  A popular flavor during the holidays is chocolate caramel - chocolate bark with a caramel swirl throughout.

Cake Pops

Small bites of cake mixed with frosting and covered in chocolate or white chocolate, these are a great party treat!  Cake pops can be made in most of our cake flavors and with most of our frosting flavors - see our cake page for flavor options!



Brownies and Blondies

While brownies can be a basic sweet treat, we offer a variety of types and flavors that make them anything but basic - including double chocolate brownies, chocolate peanut butter brownies, chocolate hazelnut brownies,  peanut butter m&m blondies, traditional blondies, salted caramel brownies, and more!  

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

A fall favorite!  This treat is a traditional cheesecake with a pumpkin swirl and a graham cracker crust.